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Announcing Abstract

By Marnix Suilen, 16 januari 2014 3 News

Abstract is in early stages of development at this moment

After some prototyping and concepts, I am glad to announce Abstract (working title), a 2D RPG game with a bird’s eye perspective. Since I have been writing for the Dutch games website Gamecowboys.nl for over two years now, I am glad I was able to announce the game in one of our podcasts.

(starting at 1:03:40)

For those who do not speak the Dutch language, Here’s (in short) the important things we’ve discussed about the game.

Abstract is a top-down 2D rpg consisting out of a world and random generated dungeons. The player will use either magic (ranged) or melee weapons like a sword to defeat enemies. Other ranged weapons like a bow are at this moment not interesting since the magic attacks will have the ranged combat covered. The game will feature an enormous skill tree to allow the player to adjust the attacks he is using in multiple ways.

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